Silicon carbide has a very broad application field in abrasive industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, high-grade refractory materials industry and advanced ceramics industry. In different areas, the particle size requirement of silicon carbide is different, which will need crushing, acid washing, magnetic separating, screening, selecting and a series of processes. Finally, they are produced into various sizes of products, so as to meet the demand of each field.

The sand making machine  is a good device for crushing and processing of silicon carbide. Sand maker is suitable for soft, hard or super hard materials, such as ores, cement, refractory, aluminum, soil clinker, corundum, glass, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, sand, etc. it is better for hard and super hard abrasive resistant materials than other types of crusher with higher yield and efficiency.

With the application of silicon carbide, it is becoming the main materials of the solar photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, piezoelectric crystal industry and engineering industry. With the increasing depletion of traditional mineral energy, photovoltaic industry which is represented by solar cells is in rapid development. According to the establishment of 'New Energy Industry Development Plan' in China, by 2020, the proportion of renewable energy consumption will reach 15%. The development trend of photovoltaic industry will steadily increase. Silicon carbide is the upstream link PV industry chain – the special materials for wafer production process. The silicon carbide industry has brought some opportunities for the expanding and upgrading of product structure and the downstream demand.

With the continuous reform of sand making technology, the silicon carbide itself has a wide application, which has strengthened the development of its new applications in the market. But the development of silicon carbide and the application of sand making machine have promoted each other, the extensive use of silicon carbide will requires the continuous development of production system in order to realize the value of their own. Therefore, the wider use of silicon carbide has promoted the development of sand making machine.

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