Expand the import of technical equipment

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With the industrial conference of china electro-mechanical division in 2008, Minister of Department of commerce, stated that we shall actively broaden the import volume of sophisticated technologies equipments, sand making machine, strengthen the skill of technologies introduction, absorption and innovation, velocity up the tempo of upgrading industrial structure. This conference was held on May possibly, 12-13 2008, in Xian city. With the conference, Jiang Yaoping said that: collectively the relevant division, division of commerce will get several measures to broaden import of innovative technical equipments. These measures include things like: consider advantage of five billion of subsidized capital, import more from important nations, bridge the difference among imports and exports, urge the created countries to chill out the rules of export, best the global bidding institutions and import regulations about electro-mechanical imports.

Director Common of Electro-mechanical division of Department of Commerce and vice-director of Chinese sand making machine electro-mechanical imports and exports workplace, Wang Huaqin stated that: we shall place more effects inside the introduction, absorption and innovation of vital projects, crucial fields, vital engineering and common method. And transform from your import of technical equipments to introduce a lot more technological innovation cooperation, transfer and joint production from the nationwide big equipment undertaking for instance, railway, electrical power, energy, environment protection etc. Within the latest yr, despite the fact that our electro-mechanical equipments import volume is increasing, our independent innovation abilities are not strong and technological innovation absorption is weak. In the standing provided by Division of Commerce, domestic electro-mechanical equipments manufactures patent during the overseas market place only account for much less 1% from the full planet. And exports volume from the brand equipments is very small.

Wang Qinhua expressed that we shall support the policy of enterprise driven by engineering, take benefit on the innovation base position, push forward the transform of substantial and new technology industries from assembly processing to independent innovation, and enhance the value-added and critical competition of high and new technology industries. We shall build up an industrial cluster with robust global competitiveness, covering industries including superior manufacturing, biotechnology, setting safety and power.

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