You Need to Care for Operation of Hammer Crusher

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Hammer crusher ,which is also known as hammer breaker can be divided in to single-stage hammer crusher, high-efficiency hammer breaker, sanding machine, vertical-shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher. Changing the hammers of this machine into ring coal crusher with steel ring will make a new hammer crusher. It is mainly used for crushing coal in the power plant, and it can also be used for crushing gypsum, salt and other chemical raw materials and some other medium hard materials. In addition, it can not only used in crushing production line and sand making production line, but in the ore beneficiation production line replacing cone crusher. You Need to Care for Operation of Hammer Crusher.

Hammer Crusher

(1) before the open parking on the stone crusher machines, the next process contact the correct operation of the order of open parking.

(2) To be empty to start, pay attention to the materials in the crushing chamber should be emptied before downtime.

(3) Regular checks of all equipment anchor bolts, liner bolts, whether or loose, if loose, tighten.

(4) Regular checks of the hammer, lining easy to wear and easy wear parts, such as problem, should a timely manner.

(5) Should always see lubrication to maintain the good condition of the lubrication system. Rotor bearing temperature should be kept below 60 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 70 ° C, such as over temperature reasons should be identified to take timely measures to eliminate.

(6) To maintain uniform feeding, and note that the metal debris feeding.

(7) make sure to check out the feed size meets the quality requirements, which do not meet; you should replace the grate or adjust the grate bars bracket height.

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