The Raymond mill is properly applied from the mining business as well as other fields. However, what factors do you imagine may have effect over the operation from the shaking table? Right here we will introduce some principal things that really should be regarded as all through the shaking table's working process. The vibrating screen featuring high efficiency, simple structure, light weight and low power consumption is widely used to separate sticky and moist materials. Although at present the domestic market for vibrating screens is extending bigger and bigger, the performances with the products are quite different from each other and the industrial distribution is very dispersive.

First: stroke and stroke frequency. Both of them decide the moving speed and accelerated speed in the shaking table's surface; they have much influence within the loosing in the table's layers and selective transportation. The best stroke and stroke frequency will make the Raymond mill separate very well and will strengthen the delivering capability. For those situations when the materials are too rough and with large carrying load, the shaking table will adopt the big stroke and low stroke frequency; vice versa. Second: the water volume and slope gradient. They will influence the crosswise water flow speed and the thickness in the water layer from the shaking table surface in addition to the conveying speed on the mineral particles and the cleaning impact. When we increase the slope gradient, we'll reduce the water volume at the same time; vice versa. Within the real operation, water volume and the slope gradient should be integrated very nicely.

For example, the coal vibrating screen is famous for its high requirement in the accuracy of manufacturing which is determined by the property of your coal. Different from metal minerals and materials applied inside the steel mill, coal consists of irregular amount of water and mud with different particle sizes, so coal is not easy for the screening process. At present, vibrating screen manufacturers need to catch up with the global developing trend and try to make new breakthrough from the future.

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