Ways to Superior Use Rotary Kiln

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The material collapsing issue is usually seen from the doing work procedure of the Raymond mill which can have much influence over the efficiency, the products high quality and support daily life of your rotary kiln. The main explanation leading to the above challenge is there are actually too quite a few materials accumulating in the vertical tank or the whirlwind tank from the rotary kiln. Whenever we discuss the collapsing phenomenon, we mean that there are tons of raw supplies falling from the vertical tank then they enter the kiln. Then they flow in to the firing zone from your kiln tail and if not dealt with well, they may cause harm on the ordinary manufacturing and be sprayed out to burn end users. That’s not what we want to see.
In modern times, high-quality Raymond mill is mostly applied inside the following industries such as coal washing, mining and dressing for ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal melting, electricity and thermal manufacturing, and construction. Among these industrial applications mentioned over, the advanced vibrating screen used while in the coal washing industry has attracted customers’ attention by its characteristics of excellent performance, high technological requirement and complicated processing difficulty. The reasons resulting in the materials to accumulate are: 1. The whirlwind tank is beaten not in time which results within the failure of unloading ash. Once beaten, a large amount of ash will be unloaded and the collapsing phenomenon happens on the components. 2. There is no inclination about the surface with the retraction ring which causes the materials to movement in time. When materials pile up to certain height or there occurs larger vibration, resources movement to the rotary kiln.
Therefore, it's urgent to handle the materials collapsing challenge happening to your rotary kiln effectively. First, we should arrange specially-assigned person to keep an eye about the whirlwind pre-heater to the vertical tank in order to avoid the deposition trouble. Second, the surface with the retraction ring is made of refractory bricks into a 45 degree slope and is sleeked by the fire clay, thus making the ash flow in time and reducing the deposition. End users should pay attention on the importance on the collapsing resources.
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