Analyze the Great Contribution of Mobile Construction Station

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Along with the development of city construction,a large amount of new construction emerging in endlessly,old building demolition is constant.In our country every year from the alarming number of construction waste is striking, a lot of rubbish are stacked landfilled, if these can not be managed,they will give rise to great resource wasting and environment problems. Now in building garbage disposal market the most hot building garbage disposal equipment is mobile crushing station,no matter first crushing or fine crushing, mobile crusher plant have the most wide applicability. China mobile crushers are high efficiency, safe and reliable, realize the innovation of the modern technology.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. in mobile construction station machinery industry was at the top, in view of the current mobile crushing station market conditions, successively in mobile crushing station area made outstanding contribution, it is understood the mobile crushing station regeneration building materials with a wide range of USES, according to size, can be used for external thermal insulation materials, metope roadbed backfilling materials, such as building materials raw materials and regeneration block of concrete aggregate.

In fact, building rubbish crushed by mobile construction station can used to a variety of bricks which used in Channel revetment, used to safeguard room construction and bridge construction, etc., already beautiful environmental protection, not only can save building materials industry to building materials cost of investment, more make building garbage disposal enterprise to be able to use the lowest cost obtain the biggest economic benefits, the deeply gardens, urban greening, housing decoration project favour.

When the construction waste treatment through mobile crushing plant, crushing, screening, product manufacturing, and points in the process of using environmental protection, high technology and new technology, make use of the construction waste secondary pollution. Using building materials production of pavement abandoned brick, wall brick, lawn brick, seepage brick, dry mortar, the color tile and so on the new environmental protection building material products, have environmental protection, high strength and wear resistance, floods breathe freely, noise reduction, prevent slippery, bright color, not easy to fade away etc, and can be widely used in municipal road, residential area, city square, airport, parking lot, wharf and other places.

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