Quartz sand is the most commonly used raw material production of rust sand, rust quartz sand as a natural high quality quartz sand deposits as raw material, the mechanical crushing, rolling rolling, washing, drying and screening, screening the vibration level and a series of new production process, the effective protection of the natural structure of quartz, thus extending the filter life cycle (3 ~ 4 period).

Shanghai SBM production model play sand making machine  plays a very important role in the process of production and processing of derusting sand. Here we introduce SBM play sand machine equipment in quartz sand (rust rust sand) advanced role in production. Rust quartz sand are 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-6mm and other specifications, washed stone roller drying process, quartz sand hardness higher than the average dry process production, without dust, uniform particles.

The derusting sand production line process is complicated, need to go through the broken sand, magnetic separator, flotation machine, acid leaching process. Sand is the core technology of the rust quartz sand production line, Shanghai SBM's new production of sanding machine, is currently the most economical quartz sand making equipment, the sand machine processing a large quantity, good effect of sand, quartz sand fineness produced uniform, grain shape good, very suitable for the production and processing high quality derusting sand. SBM new play sand machine also has a small particle size, particle type uniform, large capacity, long life, power of small hammer, three broken for the two stage crushing, process simplification, simple structure, convenient repair, stable and so. Is currently the most advanced, most quartz sand making equipment widely.

Shanghai SBM play sand machine equipment, provide strong support for the equipment of high quality derusting quartz sand production. Shanghai SBM model play sand machine is higher than the traditional sand making equipment efficiency, better quality of sand effect, can provide the derusting sand. Quartz sand fineness of the sand making machine production of adjustable in the range of 1-6mm, suitable for the production and processing of different specifications of quartz sand derusting. We are Shanghai SBM also offers line equipment and technology of production of a full set of rust quartz sand, quartz sand production line baking free design process, to provide full installation guide and quality customer service service guarantee. This article from: sand making machine network, for reprint please indicate the source:., thank you!

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