How to Maintain Flotation Cells Correctly?

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Flotation machine (also called flotation separator) is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal, such as fluorite and talc. Flotation machine is commonly used ore flotation equipment in the ore dressing plants and plays a crucial role in the fast development of mining industry in China.

Flotation concentrator for sorting colored black metal, but also for non-metal, such as: coal, fluorite, talc sorting. Flotation separator is driven by V-belt drive motor rotating impeller, centrifugal vacuum formed, on the one hand inhalation flotation pulp mixed with sufficient air, while stirring flotation pulp mixed with drugs, while refined foam, mineral adhesive foam on top, and then float to the surface forming a slurry bubble mineralization. Ore flotation equipment ram height adjustment, control surface, so useful for foam scraper blade.

Flotation cells maintenance and repair:

1. the ability to work and duration of work flotation machines and other machines, like the decision to work on maintenance and keeping the major part of the flotation machine, all the working parts of 3-4 months to conduct a careful examination, and in the new a few months flotation machine should always check the original work;

2. for the timely replacement of wearing parts to minimize downtime must always reserve full of wearing parts in the warehouse. Determine the date and reserves of wearing parts depending on the circumstances.

3. in order to avoid dirt and useless objects mixed with the oil, grease should be a filter, when the flotation machine work, oil cap should be sealed.

4. the operator must ensure that a certain amount of flotation cell technical guidance or training, he sought to fully familiar with the machine.

5. before driving through inspection before starting flotation machine and contact down the process.

6. flotation cells driving sequence: Press the shutter switch, press the start button.

7. after the car, do not touch rotating parts, such as touch flotation machine.

8. only skilled personnel should perform flotation separator inspection.

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flotation separation process: http://www.plant-crushing.com/en/products/flotation_cell.html

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