The Daily Maintenance of the Disk Grain Maker

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The disk grain making machine is an important part in the ore separating line. The disk grain making machine needs maintenance when it is not in use for a long time because the fertilizer production is based on the season or the order. Here Hongxing Machinery will share some tips about the maintenance of the disk granulator with you:

1. The compound fertilizer has a strong corrosive effect to the equipment, so it needs the following maintenance when not in use for a long time: to empty the water which is used to clean the pipe, remove the dust in the kettle and clean it radically, dry the hearth with low fire and disassembly some components that need to be done and close the valve that is not in use, avoiding it corrodes by the air outside.

2. Some appropriate operation for some equipment that stop using in one month: to clean the dust within the kettle, put the components such as the fixed frame, mobile frame and the flushing water pipe on the equipment and then move it to the indoor room wholly, avoiding the corrosion from rain. And if you put them in the outdoor, it should be covered by something.

3. The everyday maintenance should be like the following: after a day's operating, it is needed to clean its internal room and place the power supply and switch reasonably, ensuring that they can be put into the next use quickly.

4. Eventually the disk grain making machine manufacturers suggest us: the granulating device should be timely dealt with if problem appears in the process, and don't make the mistake such as believing that stopping its use for a certain period of time will make it get better. Timely repair and maintenance can make equipment have a longer service life and save you a lot of trouble!

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