A method for processing raw manganese

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A method for processing raw manganese nodules for the selective recovery of nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc values contained therein, by predominantly hydrometallurgical indicates, comprising:

1. suspending the raw nodules, which have been comminuted to particle sizes much less than 10 mm, in water or dilute wash option;

2. charging the suspension and sulfuric acid to a stress vessel to supply an acidified solid-liquid suspension;

3. heating the solid-liquid suspension within the pressure vessel to a temperature concerning about 150 °C and 300 °C for 0.five to 4 hrs to trigger the nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc to be selectively leached to type a metal rich leach alternative containing these metals and also a residue, using the solid-liquid suspension owning a sulfuric acid information of less than 35 g/l on completion in the leaching;

4. cooling the solid-liquid suspension then filtering the cooled suspension;

5. washing the residue;

6. extracting copper from the filtrate of stage (d) using a copper particular organic solvent extractant to kind an organic phase containing the copper and an aqueous raffinate and separating the organic phase from the aqueous raffinate;

7. recovering the copper through the separated organic solvent extractant;

8. recovering the nickel, cobalt and zinc values from the separated metal wealthy leach alternative.

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