What about the Effect of Grinding Mill Tail Ash?

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Cement mill is one of the main cement making machines and is the vital equipment for re-grinding the materials after they are coarsely crushed and it plays a crucial role in the cement production line and cement making production flow. China Vertical roller  mill is widely used for the dry and wet grinding of all kinds of ores and other grindable materials in the production industries of cement, silicate product, new type of building material, refractory, fertilizer and glass ceramics.

The materials are feed grinding mill , part of powdery materials from the cement mill grinding head feed inlet flange, blankets and a feed hopper connected between the slit runs out, causing the pollution and powder particles into the bearing the failure phenomenon. Cement grinder tail ash mainly due to spit:

1. powder selection machine load rate, feed rate than the spiral drum conveyor height, back material not timely access to the cement equipment, cement mill tailing stacking corner cracks. The seal gap is stacked material and helical end movement to bring outward pressure, cause cement grinding machine tailing ash leakage.

2. to improve the grinding body average ball diameter or by increasing the load to improve the output of cement mill this approach itself is unreasonable, the filling material of high level, far more than the helical blade height, the spiral cylinder material accumulation, resulting in leakage of ash.

3. the material level is higher than the spiral blade height, when the feed velocity exceeds the conveying speed is high, a helical blade part of the material into the cement mill velocity decreases, not timely input of cement miller, powder will spill out.

4. blankets and into the hopper of mutual friction, there will be cracks, a feed hopper ( receiving tube ) inverted cone with a space, this material transportation difficulties, will produce the retention and return material, provided the precondition for leakage of ash.

5. cement making machinery operation under positive pressure or negative pressure operation of improper operation, so that thecement mill tail ash overflow.

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