As our national highway construction shows a strong momentum of development, good quality mining machinery and high-quality artificial sand produced by sand making machine  provide basic security for effificient highway building. That the number of clients who order Crushers and Raymond Mill continues to grow indicate that in some way the present development of central China is very rapid despite the influence of financial crisis, compared with the same time period in previous year.

The construction of high degree highway building needs numerous sand, stones and limestone with favorable quality as the road bed. With the large-scale bridges and roads plans put into practice, the first grade raw materials such as sand, stones, limestone become more and more popular in the society. As a result, the related crusher machine  plant and grinding machines are in urgent need. The construction of a high degree highway will promote the development of industrial belt on both sides of the road as well as the promotion of other industries. As important infrastructure supporting the national economy, highway construction can not only improve the investment environment but also help change people’s way of thinking so as to make the economy and society of central China opener.

Take Jiangxi Province as an example. Jiangxi Province takes 23 years to break a 5 billion dollars record of foreign investment. Entering the new century, the total foreign investment increases from 5 billion to 10 billion within only 3 years, and it takes less than 4 years to grow from 10 billion to 20 billion. Jiangxi Province always goes in the front rank introducing foreign funds for many years in a row, which makes historic breakthrough. Here, we can see the return of infrastructure construction. In terms of a growing cry for central upraise, the six central provinces all give priority to the improvement of transportation condition. Investment in highway construction continues to grow so that the highway building changes with each passing day. The highway now spreads all over the central plain and develops as a network with the transporting distance increasing rapidly.

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