How to Improve the Output of Raymond Mill?

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Raymond mill is also called as Raymond grinder or Raymond grinding machine, which is the commonly used industrial milling equipment. Raymond mill  is suitable for grinding barite, calcite, feldspar, marble, limestone, ceramic, glass and other materials whose hardness are less than 7 degree. In addition, it can be applied to more than 280 kinds of materials with less than 6% humidity in the milling processing such as non flammable and explosive mining industry, chemical industry, building materials industry and metallurgical industry. There are many factors that affect the production capacity of Raymond mill:

1. The humidity of materials, namely when the content of water is large, the material is easy to adhere to Raymond mill to decrease its production ability.

2. The hardness of materials. The harder materials are, the more difficult it is for the processing of Raymond mill. If the speed of Raymond mill is slow, its processing ability is small.

3. Fineness of materials. High fineness requirements means fine grinding of the materials, then the capacity of Raymond mill is small.

4. The settings of Raymond Mill (hammer, jaw plate). Better resistance of the components lead to large capacity of Raymond grinder, if not, they will affect the production ability of Raymond mill.

With the analysis mentioned above, we can draw a conclusion that in order to improve the productivity of Raymond mill, we should strictly control the moisture of materials, reduce the hardness of materials, increase the sieving times of fine powder and decrease the viscosity of the material.

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