Along with our country new energy revitalization plan forthcoming and related development goals of adjustment, it is expected that by 2020,China's total investment in the field of new energy will exceed 3 yuan. Butin the current environment, economic development's demand for energy is more urgent than ever, mine construction climax and these demand caused and Raymond mill market "hot" was especially striking.

Our greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 60%, sulfur dioxide flue gas power plants, steel mills which coal industry emission in the play key role.The Raymond mill  is an important industrial raw material and energy production assembly, the efficiency improvement will become an important link of the conservation of resources and energy, mining machinery mill industry today has gone through extensive development stage to rely on cheap labor advantage and the expense of the environment, conform to the trend of international development of low carbon economy and the rapid development of the country. On the use of resources, environmental protection, energy saving requirements increase market industrial milling industry, industrial Raymond mill of high technology content will welcome the development of spring.According to the processing of material hardness and discharging material fineness and the final yield, milling machine can be divided into Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill, high pressure powder mill,vertical mill, three ring speed milling machines and six types of milling machine.

Based on the research experience of long-term powder Raymond mill,according to the suggestions and requirements of users at home and abroad of the new mill, milling equipment design research based on the original Raymond mill, create a new era of industrial grinding efficiency and low energy consumption.

The use and maintenance of the operation of Raymond mill 

1) Raymond mill before installation personnel of the need for technical training, to understand the principle of understanding the performance of Raymond mill, Raymond mill operation procedure. Raymond mill is in use process, must have the fixed personnel responsible for the custody, the operator must have a certain level of technology.

2) in order to make the Raymond mill is normal, should make the"equipment maintenance and safe operation of the system" to ensure the long-term safe operation of milling machine, maintenance tools and the necessary and lubricating grease and the corresponding accessories.

3) Raymond mill after a period of use, to be overhauled, and you want toroll grinding mill ring blade wearing parts for maintenance replacementtreatment, grinding roller device of a careful examination of theconnecting bolt and nut should be in use before and after, to see whether there is loosening grease is to add enough.

4) Raymond mill roller device for more than 500 hours to replace thegrinding roller use time, the rolling bearing of roller sleeve must be cleaned, the damaged parts should be replaced promptly, gas toolsavailable manual oil pump and a grease gun.

5) stop, first stop feeding and host continues to rotate, the residual material is to continue the grinding, after about one minute, can close the host motor, stop grinding work, then stop the motor of fan motor and analyzer.

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