Vertical Roller Mill Operation Methods

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The first vertical milling machine is the last century twenty's developed in Germany. First used in the cement industry vertical mill in 1935 in West Germany, in Europe after the vertical roller mill operation in cement plant in use for many years, to get employed in American and Canada,Europe and America, and are willing to development and application of vertical roller mill, is due to the European countries of fuel and power costs are relatively high at that time. Also because of the rising cost of energy consumption America later, that prompted the opposition grinding to increase interest. America first vertical roller mill is put into operation at the end of 1973. Later, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Congo and other countries have also adopted vertical mill.

Vertical milling machine in our country Hing in the late forty's, vertical mill when used in cement production, and promote the rapid development of cement industry.

Our company has long been engaged in industrial equipment repair, protection work, the accumulation of a large number of advanced application technology. According to the actual situation of various equipment problems of vertical mill, continuous research and practice experience, successfully resolved the vertical mill roll mill liner wear, grinding roller bearing wear, speed reducer leakage room and other equipment problems, through the practical cooperation with parts of cement enterprises, good repair effect, to overcome the traditional repair method to repair it is difficult to solve the problem of vertical mill replaced with new parts, the high cost of repair, not only to save the funds for the enterprise, the most important is to save the production downtime time, guarantee the quality of products for the enterprise, solve the equipment problems highly evaluated by the action of households.

A vertical mill, roller, mill liner wear repair

Vertical mill roller body and a wear resistant lining plate is in use process, once the clearance, will be made between the body and the liner wear intensifies, and the hot air and cement particles on the mating surface groove continuous erosion, lead generation,between the body and the liner impact collision, serious when making lining crack or even break and the machine damage, particularly damage caused by the reducer, the malignant event.

This kind of problem occurred once, general repair methods are difficult to solve, the high cost of replacement. The following part is case wear-resistant surfacing repair technology to the problem of vertical mill:

Two, vertical mill roller bearing wear repair room

Vertical mill roller bearing assembly requirements more stringent, firms generally use will be placed in dry ice bearing assembly cooling way. Between the bearing and the bearing chamber once the gap, will affect the normal operation of the bearing, causing heating of the bearing, bearing burning phenomenon when will cause serious. Vertical mill hard facing repair technique is fast, easy to operate features, many cases can be on-site repair.

Three, vertical roller mill reducer leakage control

Vertical roller mill reducer leakage not only affect the machine aesthetic appearance, but also a waste of oil, to equipment maintenance caused a lot of trouble, the scene of governance of leakage, simple operation, good treatment effect. In addition to the above, the vertical mill hard facing repair technology is still many cement manufacturers other equipment widely used, not only save maintenance funds for the enterprise, the most important is to save the production downtime time for the enterprise, is the enterprise reliable cooperation partner.

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