Vertical roller mill production efficiency of SBM production of high, small mechanical wear,drying ability is strong, strong control, maintenance simple convenient, opened a large mill precedent, has become a mainstream product milling machine market,

Ultrafine vertical roller  mill is mainly composed of a separator, roll grinder, grinding disc device, a pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components.

Different from the traditional roller mill, ultrafine vertical roller mill is a kind of vertical installation,real grinding roller is static, it through the motor drives the grinding disc conveyor, high-speed rotation. Material from the feed opening falls to the disc rolling. Consistent with the fineness requirements, have been blown out from the top of the vertical roller mill, coarse particles remain in the mill for further grinding.

SBM has become China's many Steel Corp slag micro powder processing mill equipment suppliers, to carry out joint of slag powder production projects with a large number of large domestic steel. The main grinding system with vertical roller mill, little investment, high yield, breakthrough technology bottleneck "large volume concrete cracks". Ash powder processing technology of vertical roller mill, is the developed countries do not have technology, completely through the ability to further enhance the process, bring about a qualitative leap for the fly ash grinding technology in china.

With the vertical roller mill production of slag powder technology in recent years is the most common and rapid development, for each Steel Corp preferred. Due to the progress of science and technology, the vertical roller mill gradually overcome the shock and material wear problems, gradually for slag powder production, the product of the specific surface area is in commonly 420 ~ 450m2/kg, but generally not more than 500m2/kg, otherwise easy to severe wear of grinding disc and the grinding roller grinding parts and vibration etc..

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