As technology advances, the development of construction sand from natural sand to artificial sand, increasing the demand for sand, gravel sand so that the river has become an important trend in the production of construction sand and gravel production. Sand making machine  continuously upgrade product quality, its excellent performance in high-tech fields to be more widely used. Zenith Technology developed in terms of river gravel crusher technology is quite mature, the production of river gravel crusher straight from the beginning of the  Impact series, the development of high efficiency centrifugal VSI Sand, 2011, Zenith, Science & Technology pound attack launched new Sand, better for the river gravel sand industry services.

Zenith Technology has produced pebbles Sand Sand, wind fossil Sand, Sand stone chips, mine tailings and other building sand Sand Sand. River gravel sand making machine is to act as the key to the hardness of river gravel, feed particle size and many factors such as the different fineness of the finished product, choose a different river gravel Sand, river gravel sand production line equipment, which is to follow own conditions, to see what kind of finished product, and then configure a reasonable river gravel sand making equipment.

New Sand specifically for artificial sand production, machine materials including river gravel, granite, limestone and other minerals, with adjustable fineness modulus, grain shape is good, a sand rate, and low productive capital River gravel sand production line configuration cone crusher for secondary crushing, then  new Sand plastic, avoiding the use of cone crusher product size alone bad drawbacks. Zenith technology adhering to modern scientific management techniques, in close cooperation with many universities and research institutions, combined with market demand and actively introduce advanced technology development, after years of precipitation technology, research and production of new Sand , has won a number of national invention patents and utility model patents, the industry took the lead through IS09001: 2000 international quality system certification, exported to over 30 countries and regions. In 2011 the company re-grasping customer service, the implementation of one-track guide, not only to provide our clients a wide selectivity, supporting reasonable, reliable, cost-effective industrial crushing and milling equipment, and provide professional overall design and construction programs, and even entire process of turnkey projects, the first time to solve customer problems.

The next few years, China's river gravel crusher demand remained above 10% growth rate, with the improvement of technological progress and product quality zenith technological River gravel sand machine industry, river gravel sand making machine products have been gradually domestic external customer acceptance, with production capacity and price advantage River gravel sand machine industry, zenith Technology river gravel sand maker and its products will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, service worldwide.

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